As a rule of thumb the volume of saleable oil decreases by 2.5% if the A.P.I. gravity is reduced by one degree.


Fre-Flo HDX Horizontal Treater- Our innovative treater design has set us apart from other competitors. Fre-Flo was the Ist to incorporate an Independent Free Water Knockout, together with the Cyclone inlet separation, an internal heat exchanger and condensing vapors to retain sales oil volume, is the world’s most Fuel Efficient Treater. Developed for higher water cut wells and lower associated gas that most oilfields eventually experience.

  • Available in: 6’, 7’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ diameter with various lengths from 20’- 50’

Separators & Headers

The “STANDARD” for 2 phase flow measurement with over 1000 units operating in sour service conditions. Sales or Rentals, skid or trailer mounts available.
Horizontal 3 phase also available.
250psi and 500psi ratings
Headers built as per Customers requirements. 720psi rating

Free Water Knockout

Simply the most reliable FWKO available with unique oil washing system to minimize water carryover or interface pad formation. Available with optional firetube.

  • Available in:Available in 6’, 8, and 10’ diameters in various lengths from 20’- 40’

Gas Pipeline Separators

The Innopipe inline separator provide 99.9% separation efficiency. Innopipe is designed to be piggable, and can be built to any size and design code in the world including CSA, ASME, GOST, DNV, ANSI, DIN, CE, ISO, AS, CFR, PD and TUV. Innopipe also has an almost negligible pressure drop across it.

Slug Catcher

A Slug Catcher is used to collect liquids that have settled in flow lines which can overload the gas/liquid handling capacity of the plant especially during pigging operations.

  • Available in:6’ x 8’ vessel size. Custom sizes available upon request.

Welded Tanks

Welded to API standards and available from 100- 1000 bbl tanks. Custom nozzle orientation and can internally coat tank.

Flarestacks & Flare KO

Engineered self-supporting to latest EPA, NSPS Quad-0 Sk Directive S-20 Available in 3”, 4” and 6” stacks c/w 16, 20” or 3’ x 7’ Flare KO

  • Flare KO Available in:3’ x 7’, 4’ x 10’ and 6’ x 8’ vessel sizes.

Line Heaters